Seismic Analysis of Building Structures with Different Slab Arrangements by using ETABS Software

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Chandan Kumar Chandravanshi


As the advancement in the world is occurring use of software in every field has become prominent and with the help of software we are able to give results as fast as possible. Now a days using various software in the field of civil engineering, in which one of the software is ETABS which is used to design and analysis of building structures. Analysis is process to observation of behavior of structures under different load combinations. Design is the process of finding appropriate specification of structures. Recently it has been observed that many concrete structures have collapsed or damaged due to earthquakes. In this paper, presents a seismic analysis of building structures with different slab arrangements i.e. conventional slab, flat slab with drop panel and flat slab without drop panel. The effect of seismic forces on building having eleven stories (G+10), and twenty-one stories (G+20) with different slab arrangements are analyzed by ETABS software 2016 version. Analysis and design of building structures have done as per IS 456:2000, grade of concrete is M30 and grade of steel Fe-500 are adopted. It determines the critical design loading for multistory buildings situated at Patna subjected to earthquake zone IV. In the present study the response of multistory buildings are analyzed with earthquake loads based on IS 1893:2016. There are several concerns play important role to behavior of structures which are storey drift, storey displacement and storey shear. After comparison with these results concerns, we decide better arrangement of the building structures.

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