Capacity Analysis of Existing National Highway Network between Lucknow to UP/Bihar Border (Ghazipur)

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Kamta Prasad
Deepak Mathur


This Study highlights the concept of traffic capacity analysis along with safe traffic operations in the highways. The Traffic Management system is needed to movement of Men and Material from one place to another place safely, economically and comfortably. The safe and economical movement of people and goods depends upon the effectiveness of Traffic Management System. A significant effort has been made in order to study the traffic assessment for a Greenfield Expressway. For better understanding of present status and estimation of traffic along the proposed Greenfield Expressway, a reconnaissance study was conducted before finalization of traffic survey location along the alternate routes. The development and extension of transportation are intrinsically linked to the progress of the human race, which has occurred in tandem with those developments and expansions. The roadways were never used for anything other than as pedestrian paths. The single most significant step forward in the development of technology related to road transportation was the discovery of the wheel. At first, people and animals were responsible for moving various sized and shaped vessels on wheels. Later on, motors were used instead of humans or animals.

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