TECHNICALJOURNALS is looking for reviewers to help the Editorial Review Board select high quality academic papers for publication. We are looking for two types of reviewers:

Academically qualified reviewers (who have a demonstrated publication record), and Professional qualified reviewers (who have significant experience in the application of management theory and practice and have an understanding of the academic review process but may not have a publication history).

Engineering experts, computer scientists, Professors and Eminent Research Scholars are welcome to join the TECHNICALJOURNALS as the members of the international advisory board or as reviewers. TECHNICALJOURNALS recognizes the value and importance of the peer reviewer in the overall publication process not only in shaping the individual manuscript, but also in shaping the credibility and reputation of a journal. TECHNICALJOURNALS is committed to the timely publication of all credible scientifically based manuscripts submitted for publication. As such, the identification and selection of reviewers who have expertise and interest in the topics appropriate to each manuscript are essential elements in ensuring a timely, productive peer review process.


A K Singh, Banaras Hindu University, India
Rajamani Lakshmi, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
K. P. Ramachandran, Associate Dean, Sultanate of Oman.
Rabindra K. Mishra, Electronic Science Department, Berhampur University, India
Bhuma Anuradha, Department of EEE, SVU College of Engineering Tirupati, India
Mu. Naushad, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
G S N Raju, Andhra University, India
Partha S Mallick, Professor,  VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India
Rajesh Shrivastava, Bhopal, India
R Anitha, Director, KSR College of Technology, Tiruchengode, India.
H Aghvami, Kings College London
K Aizawa, University of Tokyo
K S Kumar, K L University, India
M.D. Reddy, Department of EEE, S V University, Tirupati, India
B M Ali, Universiti Putra Malaysia
H Aghvami, Kings College London
K Aizawa, University of Tokyo
B M Ali, Universiti Putra Malaysia
J Astola, Tampere University of Technology
E Biglieri, Politecnico di Torino, Milan
A Cantoni, University of Western Australia
X Cao, Hongkong University of Science and Technology
T Constantinides, Imperial College
W K Cham, The Chinese University of HongKong
K T Chan, The Chinese University of HongKong
K Chang, Texas A & M University
W W Chang, National Chiao Tung University
C W Chen, University of Missouri-Columbia
Habibulla Khan, K L Univeristy, India
J J Y Chen, National Central University
K. Chen, The University of Birmingham
G. M. Chiu, National Taiwan Univ. of Science & Technology
T S Chua, National University of Singapore
J. H. Chuang, National Chiao Tung University
C P Chung, National Chiao Tung University
I. Claesson, Blekinge Institute of Technology
P Dini, Cisco Systems Inc., California
P. M. Djuric, Stony Brook University
J L Dugelay, Eurecom, Multimedia
K Eshraghian, Edith Cowan University
D J Evans, Nottingham Trent University
S Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology
H Ghafouri-Shiraz, University of Birmingham
H M Hang, National Chao Tung University
L Hanzo, University of Southampton
Y S Ho, Kwang-Ju Institute of Science and Technology
Y Hong, City University of Hongkong
J N Hwang, University of Washington
L C Jain, University of South Australia
J Jin, Sydney University
M Kanchanalak, National University of Singapore
S Katagiri, NTT
M Khalid, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
J C Kuo, University of Southern California
R L Langley, University of Kent
C H Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
C S Li, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
M Liao, Academy Senica
X G Lin, Tsinghua University
T J Lim, University of Toronto
A. Mauthe, Darmstadt Technical University
P Mulhem, CNRS, France/DIVA
T S Ng, The Universiy of Hongkong
T Ohira, ATR International
F M B Pereira, Instituto Superio Technico
H. V. Poor, Princeton University
R Prasad, Aalborg University
Y Sakai, Tokyo Institute of Technology
K Salamatian, University of Paris 6
H Satoh, Japan National Institute of Informatics
Y Q Shi, New Jersey Institute of Technology
T K Shih, Tamkang University
U Srinivasan, CSIRO
D Slock, Eurecom
L. Sornmo, Lund University
H F Sun , Mitsubishi America
Q B Sun, Institute for Infocomm Research
S Valaee, University of Toronto
B Vucetic, University of Sydney
C N Wang, National Chao Tung University
H R Wu, Monash University
J K Wu, Institute for Infocomm Research
L D Wu , Fudan University
C S Xu, Institute for Infocomm Research
C Xydeas, University of Lancaster
M M Yeung, MGL/MRL Intel Corporation
S Yoshida, Kyoto University
A D Zhang, SUNY Buffalo
Y J Zhang, Tsinghua University
B Zeng, Hong Kong University Science and Technology
C. X. Zheng, Xi'an Jiaotong University
J M Zurada, University of Louisville

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