Engineering Research Letters (ERL) is an international open-access journal that was launched by the AGSER in 2018. Its aims are to provide a high-level platform where cutting-edge advancements in engineering R&D, current major research outputs, and key achievements can be disseminated and shared; to report progress in engineering science, discuss hot topics, areas of interest, challenges, and prospects in engineering development, and consider human and environmental well-being and ethics in engineering; to encourage engineering breakthroughs and innovations that are of profound economic and social importance, enabling them to reach advanced international standards and to become a new productive force, and thereby changing the world, benefiting humanity, and creating a new future.

The contents of our journal are based on the advances and inoovation in Engineering.

Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Weapons science and technology
  • Vessel and ocean engineering
  • Power and electrical equipment engineering and technologies
  • Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Transport engineering

Information and Electronic Engineering

  • Electronic science and technology
  • Information and communication engineering
  • Optical engineering and technology
  • Computer science and technology
  • Instrument science and technology
  • Control science and technology

Chemical, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering

  • Chemical engineering and technology
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Metallurgical engineering and technology

Energy and Mining Engineering

  • Nuclear science, technology, and engineering
  • Energy and electric science, technology, and engineering
  • Mining science, technology, and engineering
  • Geological resource science, technology, and engineering

Civil, Hydraulic, and Architecture Engineering

  • Civil engineering
  • Mapping engineering
  • Urban & rural planning and landscaping
  • Water conservancy engineering
  • Architecture engineering

Environment & Light and Textile Industries Engineering

  • Environmental science and technology
  • Environmental engineering
  • Meteorological science
  • Food science and engineering
  • Light industry technology and engineering
  • Textile science and engineering
  • Marine science and engineering

Engineering Management