IJBEST is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at providing a platform for researchers to showcase and disseminate high-quality research in the domain of next-generation computing. With the introduction of new computing paradigms such as cloud computing, IJBEST promises to be a high-quality dissemination forum for new ideas, technology focus, research results and discussions on the evolution of computing.

It aims to publish original, theoretical and practical advances in Creativity and Technical Entrepreneurship; Technical Organisations and Their Management; Leadership and HRM; Motivating/Leading Technical People; Product Development, R&D, Design Management; Managing Engineering and Production Operations; Project Planning, Acquisition, Organisation, Leadership/Control; Financial Management for Engineers, Cost Estimation/Accounting; Decision-Making Processes; Technology and Knowledge Management; Planning, Forecasting and Marketing Issues; Project and Risk Management; Economic Decision/Capital Investment Analysis; Design/Project Economics; Education; Engineering Management in the Service Industry; Public Policy Analysis; and all interdisciplinary streams of Engineering Sciences. You can download following documents by clicking them: