IJGET is an international scholarly refereed research journal which aims to promote the theory and practice of technology, innovation, and engineering management.

The journal links engineering, science, and management disciplines. It addresses the issues involved in the planning, development, and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. It covers not only R&D management, but also the entire spectrum of managerial concerns in technology-based organizations. This includes issues relating to new product development, human resource management, innovation process management, project management, technological fusion, marketing, technological forecasting and strategic planning.

The journal provides an interface between technology and other corporate functions, such as R&D, marketing, manufacturing and administration. Its ultimate goal is to make a profound contribution to theory development, research and practice by serving as a leading forum for the publication of scholarly research on all aspects of technology, innovation, and engineering management.

Coverage Areas: Although the list is not prescriptive, IJGET intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:

    1. New Trends in Engineering Technology
    2. Professional Practice and Development
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Technology and Innovation Management
    5. Creativity and Technical Entrepreneurship
    6. Technical Organisations and Their Management
    7. Leadership and HRM; Motivating/Leading Technical People
    8. Product Development, R&D, Design Management
    9. Managing Engineering and Production Operations
    10. Project Planning, Acquisition, Organisation, Leadership/Control
    11. Financial Management for Engineers, Cost Estimation/Accounting
    12. Decision-Making Processes
    13. Technology and Knowledge Management
    14. Planning, Forecasting and Marketing Issues
    15. Project and Risk Management
    16. Economic Decision/Capital Investment Analysis; Design/Project Economics
    17. Education
    18. Engineering Management in the Service Industry
    19. Public Policy Analysis

Types of Papers: The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:

  • Original research
  • Position papers/review papers
  • Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
  • Technology Discussion/Overview Papers