Smart Home Automation using IoT: Prototyping and Integration of Home Devices

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Malkeet Singh
Anishkumar Dhablia


Smart homes are becoming a reality thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology's quick progress, providing homeowners with never-before-seen levels of efficiency, convenience, and security. This abstract gives a summary of a project that combines prototyping and integration to turn a standard house into a modern smart home. The paper focuses on creating an extensive IoT ecosystem that seamlessly connects diverse household equipment, such as lighting controls, thermostats, and security cameras, to a single, intelligent network. We use cutting-edge IoT communication and protocol technologies to create strong connectivity between these devices, enabling homeowners to remotely monitor and control them from a central hub or their smartphones. Our smart home system's central controller, which includes cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms, is its brain. To reduce energy usage, improve security, and accommodate resident preferences and routines, this controller gathers and examines data from the linked devices. It learns user patterns through machine learning and suggests automation procedures to make life easier. A smart home system prioritises security and privacy in addition to increasing convenience. We also place a strong emphasis on flexibility and scalability, which enable the incorporation of new hardware and features as the IoT landscape changes. For homeowners, tech enthusiasts, and developers interested in building their own smart houses, our project on prototyping and integration serves as a model. It highlights how IoT technology has the ability to upgrade conventional living quarters into intelligent, networked areas that improve our quality of life while fostering energy efficiency and security. In the end, this project advances the continued development of smart home automation by increasing everyone's access to and ability to customise it.

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Singh, M. ., & Dhablia, A. . (2023). Smart Home Automation using IoT: Prototyping and Integration of Home Devices. Research Journal of Computer Systems and Engineering, 4(2), 130–143.