IoT-Based Health Monitoring System: Design, Implementation, and Performance Evaluation

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Nouby M. Ghazaly
Naveen Jain


The Internet of Things (IoT) technology's rapid improvements have opened the door for creative solutions across a range of industries, including healthcare. An IoT-based health monitoring system that aims to revolutionise patient care and healthcare administration is described in this study along with its design, implementation, and performance evaluation. To continuously gather and send health-related data, our system makes use of a network of wearable sensors and gadgets that are seamlessly incorporated into a patient's daily life. Vital indicators like heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and activity levels are tracked by these devices. To enable real-time analysis and storage, the data is safely sent to a centralised server. Both patients and healthcare professionals can access this information through a user-friendly smartphone application, enabling proactive healthcare decision-making. An effective and scalable architecture is used in the implementation of this system to guarantee the confidentiality, accuracy, and reliability of the data. The data is analysed using machine learning algorithms, which enables the early identification of abnormalities and trends that could portend serious health problems. The system can also produce warnings and notifications, ensuring prompt intervention when it's necessary. Our IoT-based health monitoring system's performance review indicates how well it performs in terms of enhancing healthcare outcomes. The solution gives healthcare professionals immediate access to crucial health information, allowing them to personalise treatment regimens, offer remote consultations, and make educated judgements. Continuous monitoring benefits patients by allowing for early intervention, fewer hospital stays, and an improvement in general health. Additionally, the system's scalability and versatility make it appropriate for a variety of healthcare settings, including small-scale home care and extensive hospital networks.

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Ghazaly, N. M. ., & Jain, N. . (2023). IoT-Based Health Monitoring System: Design, Implementation, and Performance Evaluation. Research Journal of Computer Systems and Engineering, 4(2), 144–159.