Implementation of Wearable IoT Devices for Continuous Physiological Monitoring and Analysis

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Anasica S.


The development of wearable devices for ongoing physiological monitoring and analysis has been made possible by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), which has completely changed the healthcare industry. This study discusses the use of such wearable IoT devices and their potential to improve healthcare delivery. Our research focuses on the development, manufacture, and implementation of wearable sensors capable of real-time monitoring of vital signs like heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and activity levels. These devices leverage the Internet of Things to transmit data wirelessly to a cloud service for further analysis. The core components of these gadgets are miniature sensors, low-power microcontrollers, and wireless communication modules. These developments permit the invisible and continuous collection of data, which aids in the early detection of irregularities and permits urgent medical treatments. Data collected by these devices is processed by sophisticated analytics and machine learning algorithms before being transmitted securely to a cloud-based server. As a result, doctors and nurses are able to anticipate health issues, monitor their patients' physical conditions in real time, and provide individualised care. Los patients have more control over their own medical decisions since they have access to their own data. Frequent use of Internet-connected devices for monitoring and analysing physical phenomena may lead to better medical care, lower hospitalisation costs, and higher quality of life. Additionally, these devices have the potential to revolutionise clinical research by providing extensive real-world data for medical research. These wearable IoT devices have the potential to enhance the management of chronic illnesses, encourage early treatments, and raise general wellbeing. Wearable physiological monitoring technology has a lot of potential for the future of healthcare thanks to the advancements of the internet of things.

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