Exploring Feature Engineering Strategies for Improving Predictive Models in Data Science

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Ekaterina Katya


A crucial step in the data science pipeline, feature engineering has a big impact on how well predictive models function. This study explores several feature engineering techniques and how they affect the robustness and accuracy of models. In order to extract useful information from unprocessed data and improve the prediction capability of machine learning models, we study a variety of techniques, from straightforward transformations to cutting-edge approaches. The study starts by investigating basic methods including data scaling, one-hot encoding, and handling missing values. Then, we go on to more complex techniques like feature selection, dimensionality reduction, and interaction term creation. We also explore the possibilities for domain-specific feature engineering, which entails designing features specifically for the issue domain and utilising additional data sources to expand the feature space. We run extensive experiments on numerous datasets including different sectors, such as healthcare, finance, and natural language processing, in order to evaluate the efficacy of these methodologies. We evaluate model performance using metrics like recall, accuracy, precision, and F1-score to get a comprehensive picture of how feature engineering affects various predictive tasks. This study also assesses the computational expense related to each feature engineering technique, taking scalability and efficiency in practical applications into account. To assist practitioners in making wise choices during feature engineering, we address the trade-offs between model complexity and performance enhancements. Our results highlight the importance of feature engineering in data science and demonstrate how it may significantly improve prediction models in a variety of fields. This study is a useful tool for data scientists because it emphasises the significance of careful feature engineering as a foundation for creating reliable and accurate prediction models.

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Katya, E. . (2023). Exploring Feature Engineering Strategies for Improving Predictive Models in Data Science. Research Journal of Computer Systems and Engineering, 4(2), 201–215. https://doi.org/10.52710/rjcse.88